How Should You Be?


Devised by Architect Theatre with Studio 58

Directed by Georgina Beaty

Creation Dramaturgy by Jonathan Seinen


Architect Theatre brought their signature collective creation approach, blending improvisation, personal stories, verbatim interviews, and fictionalized narrative, to the second-year students at Langara College’s Studio 58 Theatre School.

10 twentysomethings interviewed famous, infamous and everyday people to discover once and for all: how we should be. In creating the play, the creators spoke to everyone from Sikh priests to strippers to renowned authors to psychics. And as they inhabited the voices of others, they unwittingly expose the unique situation and voice of their generation.

How Should You Be? is part documentary, part fiction, and part self-help from people with no experience.

And there are some pretty cool dance moves.

How Should You Be?, a creation piece originally devised by Architect Theatre at Studio 58 Theatre School in Vancouver, BC, in 2013 was part of upintheair Theatre’s 2014 rEvolver Festival, May 13 to 25, 2014.

“A single hour bursting at the seams with creative vitality, How Should You Be? is as varied and dynamic as life itself. [...] The showʼs style - a pastiche of storytelling, improvisation, standup, spoken word, and choreographed movement - is every bit as lively as its content. Director Georgina Beaty shows an exquisite attention to detail in her beautifully minimalist staging: the performers create gorgeous pictures using nothing but wooden stools and small lamps with brightly coloured shades wrapped in string.” - The Georgia Straight

‘A quirky meditation on the sublime’